Lacunza Itaca 1200 Built-in Vertical Sliding Door


The Lacunza Itaca closed combustion insert fireplace is the most powerful Lacunza fireplace available in South Africa. The Itaca has an impressive 17kW nominal output up to 21kW. More than enough heat for most South African houses. The Itaca has a unique vertical sliding door which works with a counter weight system ensuring smooth and effortless movement of the glass door. The unobstructed view of the fire is almost 1200 mm wide.

The Itaca comes standard with a very powerful convection fan that draws cold air from the room and sends it through convection channels around the fireplace. As the air moves through these channels it gets hot which is then circulated into the room by the same powerful fan. The Itaca closed combustion insert fireplace comes with wheels attached to the body for easier movement into your house. After the fireplace is placed into position the adjustable legs are lowered raising the fireplace off the wheels. You will need a power supply to power the fan and you must have two air vents in the wall, one below and one above the fireplace.

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