Prepping and Storing Wood

When lighting a fire in your fireplace, it is important to only use natural, chemically untreated, as well as wooden briquettes without adhesive glues. The logs should be completely dry, so ideally they should have been stored in a dry, well-ventilated place for at least one year.

Storing and preparing firewood:

Wooden logs should be chopped and stacked in layers in a dry, light place and aired during summer. If the firewood is being stored on the ground and not raised it’s advised that you put a sheet of tarp down before stacking the wood. That said, you should not cover the pile with plastic, which will prevent it from drying properly. It is advised that dampness should fall to below 20% before a log can be used, but a quick and easy way to see if a piece is wood is dry is to have a look at the edges and ends, which should be cracked.

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