Burning Refuse


Burning refuse may seem like an easy and logical way of getting rid of household garbage while creating extra warmth, however burning rubbish can lead to unpredictable consequences. The contrasting materials in the dry logs and rubbish react when they burn together, however this burning does not destroy these dangerous substances, but merely alters them before they are discarded into the atmosphere. For example, one of the poisons commonly resulting from the burning of papers and plastics is dioxin – a chemical that does not decompose and filters through to the tissues of both animals and people.

All our manufactured fireplaces and stoves are designed and tested to work with dry wood without glues and paints, however ordinary newspaper is safe to use for kindling.

Refrain from burning any of the below:

  1. Household refuse such as cartons, boxes, polystyrene
  2. Glued or painted fresh wood
  3. Wooden sleepers
  4. Plywood or boards of wooden particles

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