The Kindling Process (How to start the fire)

The Kindling Process

The purpose of kindling is to warm up the walls of the fireplace combustion chamber, pipes and chimney, so that the optimal conditions for roaring fire are created without unnecessarily opening the door several times.

Kindling Preparation:

  1. Remove any ashes from the grate to enable maximum air flow in from the bottom.
  2. Open the valves for the primary oxygen and the flue gases completely.
  3. Place two chopped pieces of wood in the combustion chamber parallel to one another, on both either side of the grate.
  4. Crush a sheet of newspaper and place near the front of the grate, between the logs. Do not use glossy or embossed paper.
  5. Place small dry sticks and twigs with the newspaper. It is preferable to use easy burning kindling from soft wood. Arrange the kindling so that it does not fall down and stifle the arising fire.
  6. On top of the kindling, place a few pieces of chopped wood.
  7. Allow the paper to start kindling. When the paper is ablaze, close the combustion chamber.
  8. Leave the primary oxygen valve completely open until the flames have spread all over the combustion chamber. The end goal of the kindling process is to start your fire simply and quickly with just one match.

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