Burning – Are you doing it right?

After some practise, you should get the hang of how to use your fireplace effectively and efficiently.

Here are five signs that you’re doing it right:

  1. Burning should be accompanied by visible flames during the whole cycle, until the logs transform into embers. This helps to ensure that smouldering and smoking do not take place.
  2. If there are firebricks in the fireplace, their colour should be a yellow-brown, not black.
  3. With seasoned logs and sufficient oxygen, immediate kindling should be achieved each time you restock your fire with more wood.
  4. The ceramic glass of the door should remain clean, and not turn a blackish or brown colour.
  5. The gases escaping from the chimney should be transparent or white. Grey smoke indicates that smouldering or bad burning is taking place and that your fire could be polluting the environment.

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