Take a look at the wide range of fireplaces supplied by Camino Fires

Find the perfect wood burning fireplace for your home with our wide selection of energy-efficient cast iron and steel heating units. Whether you are searching for the perfect built-in fireplace or freestanding closed combustion stove, you will find a wide variety of styles and sizes

Our closed combustion fireplaces come in various sizes, starting from 5kw fireplaces that will easily heat a space of around 50m2, to larger 16kw fireplaces that can heat areas of up to 180m2. Heated areas are calculated for an average 2.6m ceiling height.

Browse our options to choose from various fireplace styles and sizes that are available in cast iron as well as steel. The majority of our units are contemporary, with a modern look that features clean lines and large fire views. Many of our models offer a rear flue exit. View our comprehensive selection of standard, side glass, double sized and glass units to find your dream fireplace today!