The Godin Cube features a large window, strong lines and a robust design.  It comes with decorative, designer legs, heat resistant glass, secondary combustion, a clean glass system, a manual air control and an ash pan. The combustion chamber has a removable baffle plate making chimney sweeping easy via the fireplace and it has a rear convection panel which allows for installation closer to the wall. The combustion chamber fits 55cm logs and has a normal fuel consumption of about 2.4kg of wood per hour. The Cube is Flamme VERTE certificated according to the European regulations for clean air and efficient energy use.

It’s ideal for heating a small area like a bedroom or office.

The Cube is of 100% French origin and is imported from Guise in France. It comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on specific internal parts, and a 5 year limited guarantee on the fireplace body.

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