Scan 1002 Convection Unit with Black Border Glass


Designers Hanne Dalsgaard and Christina Halskov of Halskov & Dalsgaard Design are based in Copenhagen and have designed these contemporary inserts for Scan. With a focus on aesthetics and innovation, combined with functionality, the result is a feminine design for the Scan 1002. The inserts are supplied with an innovative glass handle, which is a solution unique to the market.
The new Scan 1002 inserts make a considerable difference, both in terms of a pleasant heat and as an outstanding piece of furniture.
Perhaps the dream of having a fireplace in the kitchen can finally be realised with these inserts.

Key Features
  1. Large flush insert
  2. Innovative glass details, choose between black or white glass frame
  3. Various trim options
  4. Glass handle that stays cool
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