Palazzetti Front Fan Panoramic Glass




The Front Fan Pellet Insert is a fully automatic and programmable pellet-burning firebox with fan-assisted air heating. It is ideal for installation into an existing fireplace for improved efficiency and performance. Installation is built-in with support for a ‘pull-out mechanism’. The firebox can be installed into any room even without a traditional flue. The ceramic glass front has a minimalist design for an uninterrupted view of the fire.

The Front Fan Insert features an Air Pro System which is an air heating system with 3 fans & ducted air. It has a fully-fitted front fan with various speed settings and distributes heated air at 270m3/hour. The Dual Combustion System reduces exhaust emissions and it has a reversible front/side feed for pellets. A digital programmer manages settings and operating hours and it is designed for use with the ‘Optional extra’ Connection Box. The 7mm thick cast iron firebox and brazier guarantees a long life and high performance. There is a pellet level sensor for automatic fuel feeding. The pellets are fed into a large pellet box and then the correct quantity drops at regular intervals into the brazier to feed combustion. This model has many hours of autonomous operation and a level sensor informs you when the pellets are running out in the pellet box. The maximum burn time is around 26 hours with a pellet storage tank capacity of 23kg and an hourly fuel consumption of 0.93 – 2.87 kg/hour.

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