Lacunza Nickel 1000 Freestanding Double Sided Fireplace


The Lacunza Nickle double sided freestanding wood fireplace is ideal as a divider between two rooms or as a freestanding fireplace for a large open plan area. The Nickel double sided freestanding wood fireplace is available in either 800 mm or 1000 mm. These double sided closed combustion fireplaces come standard with dual glass doors and an ash pan.

The primary air control is positioned below the doors and can be controlled from either side of the fireplace. The double sided freestanding wood fireplace has a base of black refractory brick and  black vermiculite sides. These two materials together create the perfect combustion environment for high efficiency.

The freestanding casing of the Nickel is made from durable carbon steel and powder coated to a luxurious mat finish. You can place the double sided freestanding closed combustion fireplace on a a concrete ledge or choose one of two bases. We offer a wood storage box or a steel bench in two sizes.