Godin Small Oval Black #3726


The Godin Small Oval is a multifuel wood and anthracite fireplace with a design that captures French elegance and enchantment. It features an oval enamelled gloss black drum exterior with enamelled cast iron detailed decoration.

The firebox is lined with refractory concrete firebrick, which means the fireplace take longer to cool down and keeps radiating heat for longer. It comes with heat resistant glass, a cast iron grate and a removable ash pan for an easy clean. The manual air adjustment control (Spindle) is situated centrally on the door of the fireplace. Secondary combustion enhances a clean air burn. Firewood or anthracite is loaded through the top loading lid, which is beneath the decorative outer lid of the unit. The combustion chamber fits 33cm logs stacked vertically.

The Small Oval is of 100% French origin and is imported from Guise in France. It comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on specific internal parts, and a 5 year limited guarantee on the fireplace body.