Godin Promes #240175


The Godin Promes is a wood-burning cooker stove that double as a fireplace to heat your home. The stove features enamelled steel side panels, an internal firebox lined with cast iron plates, a grate, heat resistant glass, secondary combustion, a clean glass system, manual air controls for primary and secondary air, adjustable feet for levelling  and an ash pan. There is a warmer drawer beneath the oven for heating and storing non-combustible pans. The Promes is equipped with a hot plate for cooking and an oven with a thermometer. Fuel can be loaded via the top of the stove by removing the circular hot plate or via the door at the front. The combustion chamber fits 30cm logs and normal fuel consumption is around 1.9kg per hour. The Promes can be used for heating throughout the year.

The Promes is Flamme VERTE certified according to the European regulations for clean air and efficient energy use, and the firebox is CE certified according to EU standards.

The Promes is of 100% French origin and is imported from Guise in France. It comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on specific internal parts, and a 5 year limited guarantee on the fireplace body.

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