Domestic 19Kg Double Gas Cage (For Storage of Two Gas Cylinders)


The use of gas at homes is on the increase, as electricity supply and price has become questionable. If you have more than 100kg of gas on a domestic property the law requires that you have the gas in a lockable steel cage.

Even if you have less than 100kg, if you have children or staff likely to play with the bottles, you may want to put your gas in a cage to keep unwanted hands away from it. Much safer.

We supply a range of cages from 1 by 9kg bottle up to multiple 48kg bottles. These cages are designed to stand on a flat surface raised out of the way of storm water, typically on a concrete base. They are designed to be bolted to a rear brick wall.

We offer 2 styles of cage, with our Domestic Cage geared for private homes, screening the bottles better; and our Commercial Cage designed for installations with greater than 100kg of gas or where public access to the cylinders is possible.

Our cages all comply with the revised SANS 10087-12013.

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