Charnwood Skye 7 Store Stand (11KW)


Charnwood UK have an environmental values policy so they conscientiously seek to improve the cleanliness of solid fuel burning. The Charnwood Skye 7 embodies these values and because of this the Skye 7 is designed to give you plenty of heat with reduced environmental impact. It exceeds the future ‘Eco-Design 2022‘ regulations in Europe and the E700 version also meets US EPA regs without the use of a catalytic converter!

The Skye 7 is the larger of the two Skye stoves in the series so there is a Skye stove to suit smaller and medium sized spaces. Like it’s smaller counterpart (the Skye 5), the Skye 7 is made from a combination of boiler plate steel and cast iron with a 10 year guarantee and, as a result, provides the best combination of durability and control.
The Skye 7 has been rated as a 11KW max stove. This means that it will heat around 275m³ of room space.

Link to Specs Here:  skye7 specs