Charnwood Aire 7 Store Stand (10KW)


The new Charnwood Aire 7 stove takes design cues from their popular contemporary stoves, the Skye and the Arc. It is a compact 10kW wood burner with all the modern features we expect from Charnwood. This dedicated wood burning stove is Ecodesign Ready for 2022 and Defra approved for use in smoke control areas. The Aire’s large glass viewing window is kept looking spotless by the built-in airwash system, while the clever air flow system within the stove provides beautiful mesmerising flame patterns as well as working to minimise emissions!

The Charnwood Aire is a good looking design with an over-sized window for super views of the fire within. The cool touch handles for opening the door and controlling the fire feel robust and though it is a wood only stove it is fitted with a removable ashpan for ease of use.

The Charnwood Aire 7 upsizes the Aire 5 at the top of the current Aire range. This 11KW (max output) stove should keep you comfortable in a space that is up to 275 cubic metres in volume.

Like the other products in the Aire range, the Aire 7 is a dedicated ‘wood-burner’ only. This commitment to sustainable fuel sources shows Charnwood’s awareness of our need to move away from fossil fuels. It is no surprise that the Aire 7 comes Eco-Design ready as standard. During tests, the results achieved by the Aire 7 were nearly half the current Eco-Design requirements under the all-important ’emissions’ categories which is very impressive for a stove this size.

The Aire 7 features Cleanburn Air Wash technology with a crystal clear burn. It has remarkable air control with the easy to regulate ‘push-in and pull-out’ Quattro Flow Air Intake, which is an air management system using a single control to manage the burning rate of the fire. The sizeable combustion chamber comfortably burns 39cm logs. There is no grate as it comes with an ash pan and a ‘sliding fire bed’ for clean and easy ash removal. Logs are burnt directly on this double insulated Ash pan. The drop down throat plate enables chimney sweeping via the fireplace, and there is a pre-fitted external air intake option to maximise heat retention in your room and maintain a good ‘draw’ in your chimney. This improves the operation and heat output of your stove, especially if you are already invested in making your home heat efficient.

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